“The Leftovers isn’t a show for everyone”, affirms blog writer Giulia Francolino

Those who are familiar with the anglophones The Leftovers groups on facebook, probably know Giulia Francolino. She has been writing about the show for about three years and has even a copy of the May 1972 National Geographic magazine. Some gossips may say she was even there when the Sudden Departure happened. Beyond the joke, as the show is entering its final episode this sunday, Giulia has some great considerations to enhance the awesomeness of The Leftovers.

1 – You recently posted an article at the official The Leftovers website. How come did you discovered the show by the way and got so interested?


Yes, I did. That was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me and I’m so grateful. I am a fan of Lost and when a friend of mine told me and my boyfriend to start watching The Leftovers I did some research online and found out it was written by Damon Lindelof. I’m in love with his way of seeing and representing the world, I think he’s a genius, what he did with Lost was absolutely brilliant and amazing and heartbreaking. I had never felt the way I felt about it for anything else, so I really just wanted to feel like that again. And I did. The Leftovers caught my attention immediately. The first thing I loved about it was Max Richter’s piano theme The Departure. It went straight into my heart and I thought it was worth it to watch the show even just for the music. And of course I was stunned by the amazing opening scene with the departure of little Sam. 5 minutes of video and I was already in love with it. Needless to say that I love everything about the show, from the story, to the characters, to the actors’ skills, but that’s what really caught my attention the first time.

2 – Lots of people started to watch The Leftovers as the show entered its third season. Do you think the “awesomeness” of the drama could be lost because of new fans who may focus just on a simplist answer for the October 14th?

Yes, I do. And it’s not just the new fans. The Leftovers isn’t a show for everyone, it goes deep into some topics and issues that need a lot of attention to be fully understood. Some people don’t want that, they don’t want to rewatch the episodes looking for new answers, they just want to understand everything right away, and that’s a thing that you can’t do with the show. You need to get to the bottom of it, It needs to be seen more than once and it needs to be studied, because it’s so full of little details that are too elegant to be seen at the first watch. It’s like taking a journey inside of yourself: you can’t expect to understand everything in 40 minutes, it just takes a little longer. I think that’s what’s really beautiful about The Leftovers, but some people just want to have fun and relax in front of the tv at night, they don’t really want to “study” or to put all their attention on it. I think that’s why the show isn’t for everyone, and that’s why I decided to write articles about it: to help people notice those little details that you can’t possibly catch on the first watch.

3 – You are famous in English speaking groups about the show. How do you consider being your “status” with the show? Are you a writer? Number 1 fan? A cinema critic? A Guilty Remnant? Are there more people “fanatic” as you? Tell me more about the non-leftovers Giulia.

Oh, thank you but I’m not famous! I’m just a fan, a very very passionate one. A lot of fans of the show know my name because I have been constantly haunting them with my articles and crazy theories for more than three years. 😛 Two years ago I had the crazy idea that Kevin might be a Guilty Remnant, so I wrote an article about it and then I began writing more and more theories starting from that idea. So yes, I’m a blog writer, thanks to the show. I like to write about secrets and details which people may not notice right away. Apart from that, I’m a singer. I have a degree in Jazz music and I’m starting to write my own songs.

4 – What’s your favorite character of The Leftovers and what’s your favorite episode, and why?

I’m not being really original, but my favorite character is Kevin. I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s because he’s not the usual hero who knows exactly what’s going on and is ready to sacrifice everything for a greater purpose. I like him because he’s a confused hero and he’s so human. He has his contradiction – like everyone does – he keeps asking himself questions without getting any answer,  but he fights for the ones he loves and I think that what he really wants, eventually, is to be with his family. He’s one of us, and that’s why it’s so easy to identify with him. Of course he’s not the only character I love, one of the best things of the show is the amazing cast choice, so there isn’t a character that I don’t like. I really love Patti Levin as well, Ann Dowd is one of the greatest actors I’ve even known and she’s such a good person too. And of course, I love Nora’s character. She’s the one who gets more sympathy because she lost everyone.


As for my favorite episode I really can’t choose one. My favorite season is the first one. I love the ending scene of “Guest”, when Wayne hugs Nora’s pain away, she comes home and she’s different. Then she asks the Question 121 – Do you believe that the departed is in a better place? – and the answer has changed too. I cry my heart out everytime I see that scene. I also love “The Garveys at their best”, when we are shown the moment of the Departure. And of course, International Assassin, which in my opinion is a real masterpiece. The well scene with Kevin and Patti is absolutely brilliant. I still can’t choose my favorite episode from Season 3 because it’s not over yet, but I really loved “Certified”.

5 – I’ve read somewhere once, and I think that comes from you, that The Leftovers October 14th was an (between a million) analogy to September 11th, and how the world is not the same anymore. What do you think about that?

Well, you didn’t hear it from me, I think Tom Perrotta made this comparison. 😛 I think he said the Departure is a big allegory for what happened on 9/11 and he wanted to show what it was like for people to start over after such a tragic, senseless disaster, after losing children, parents, friends, lovers in the attack. If you think about it, it’s exactly the same thing: a lot of people disappeared simultaneously from the world, and people didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye. It was a terrible tragedy and Tom Perrotta did a really great job by writing The Leftovers and of course by readapting the story for the tv show with Damon Lindelof. They were able to represent pain and loss in a way which I didn’t think possible.


6 – I felt just the same when you say this show can’t be understood right away. And I also praise the personal worldview of Damon Lindelof. And Max Richter became my favorite pianist. The series is not just well written, it is incredible well produced, with amazing actors and scenarios. Pure harmony of elements. Given that, which are the possibilities of new histories with the spirit of The Leftovers to come into life? 

When Lost ended I was absolutely sure that I would never see anything so beautiful again, and of course I was wrong, because Lindelof and Perrotta wrote the Leftovers, and here I am, thinking exactly the same. I feel like it’s really unlikely for me to like something as much as I loved this show, but you can never know. I really hope I will.

7 – There is a campaign to post a photo on social media with the hashtag #TheFinalDeparture, tell me more about it.

Yes, there is, and I’m really excited about it! We are asking people to take a picture of themselves dressed in white (just like the Guilty Remnants from the show) and to hold a sign with “The Final Departure” written on. On June 3 at 9pm (UTC) (10pm Rome, 1pm California, 4pm New York), we will all post our pictures on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) using the hashtag #TheFinalDeparture. This is our way of showing support and saying goodbye to the show, and we’re really trying to involve as many people as we can!

8 – Any guess for the finale?


I don’t know. Season One and Season Two both ended beautifully on the front porch of Kevin’s house and in both cases he was happily reunited with his family. That’s what I’m hoping to see in Season Three last episode. I have a feeling that Nora won’t be allowed to go through the device because she’s pregnant, so I’m hoping in a Season One-like ending, with Nora suddenly ready to start over with a new baby, just like she did when she found Lily. She was ready to leave everything and everyone, but as soon as she found her she knew that she could move on and pick up where she left off. That’s what I’m hoping to see. What this people really want is to stop hurting and to be with their loved ones, and now that they are a big family I hope they’ll be able to be together and enjoy their ordinary lives.

. . .


You can find Giulia’s articles about The Leftovers at her website: http://www.bettercallselly.it.

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